Lois & Clark: From Trump to Branson

The television series Lois & Clark depicted Lex Luthor in a rather unique manner. When the series ran in the 1990s I always thought of him as somewhat akin to Donald Trump in representation. But for the final version of my book manuscript it occurred to me that Trump has become in public such a a boorish figure and a divisive person, in ways that Lex Luthor would never seek to appear, that I better find a new billionaire as an analogy. Branson’s persona of surface jolliness fit Lois & Clark’s Luthor. So Branson it is. To be clear my analogy is about public personas and not the acts and deeds of either the fictional Luthor, or the very real Donald Trump and Richard Branson.


One thought on “Lois & Clark: From Trump to Branson

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