Lex Luthor, Trump, and Branson

Richard Branson recently commented on Donald Trump’s character, a statement which I found interesting given my recent decision to recast an analogy that Lex Luthor as depicted in Lois & Clark, was somewhat like Trump to the suggestion that he was somewhat likeĀ  Branson. Again I was referring to the way the writers of that series had Luthor present himself as a suave business figure in public. Branson makes the point in his piece that Trump was filled with the desire for taking revenge on some people who had not helped him in a time of need. Being motivated by the desire for revenge is part of Luthor’s back story in many versions of the character. But the Luthor of Lois & Clark would never have displayed the characteristic in public for all to see. Branson’s post is here: https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/meeting-donald-trump