I always read the acknowledgments first in scholarly works. Here you find the network of friends, colleagues, and family that stand behind all books. First books generally have pages of these as authors thank everyone who aided them in the process.

Inevitably people get left out because of memory lapses. And so here is my page of apologies and extra acknowledgments. First off the two Martins.

Martin “The Contrarian, Dirty Dancer” Bazylewich. What was I thinking. The Canadian connection. He taught me the fine art of the trade on fantasy softball and introduced me to Trailer Park Boys.  A Saturday Afternoon Recreational Softball stalwart. Here’s to Joe’s Bar!  File under necessary diversions.

Martin Lund. The other guy with a book on Superman at the moment. We hung out in New York together closed two bars, as in they are now shut, including unfortunately Puck Fair on Lafayette St where one could drink in what felt like a dive bar while looking at the Puck Building and imagining the glory days of print cartoons and comics. File under scholarly discussions.

More to come I am sure.



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