Acknowledgments Redux

In the process of bringing my Superman book to print I have had a nagging feeling that something was wrong with the acknowledgments; not so much wrong, but that I had omitted something or someone.

At the Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago I bought a few new books and as I generally do looked at their acknowledgment sections. In a jet lagged haze last week I finally twigged that in my acknowledgments section I forgot to thank the editorial and production crew at Rutgers. Cue classic Homer, Doh!

So thank you and apologies to series editor Corey Creekmur, acquisitions editor LeslieĀ  Mitchner, Lisa Boyajian Banning, Carrie Hudak, Jennifer Blanc-Tal, Andrew Katz, Marilyn Campbell, Carrie Hudak, Jeremy Grainger, Brice Hammack, and Sara Henning-Stout.